Who the hell is Nick Schofield anyways?

Photo of Nick Schofield, founder of Rex Machina.
Look at this loser, with his dumb little “Sue the T. rex” Mug…

Glad you asked! Really, I’m a nobody; in the grand scheme of things, I’m just another assembly of atoms somewhat aware of itself that will have popped in and out of consciousness in a very small fraction of geologic time–much like the dinosaurs.

In this immediate present, however, I am a writer, photographer, aspiring artist, and science enthusiast. I love dinosaurs and whales, and tend to often talk about both for so long that entire parties dissolve. During the day, I do marketing for a software company, and by night I’m being a nerd on Twitter.

When I’m not at work, nerding out on Twitter, or writing, I can be found enjoying delicious craft beers, hanging with my three cats and my partner, or finding myself struck to the bone with existential dread.

About Rex Machina

I started Rex Machina in 2018 as an outlet to begin developing my science communication skills. I have a passion for discussing science, and hope to use this blog to make science easy and enjoyable for the general public to understand (without boiling it down or sensationalizing it).

I also hope to use Rex Machina to help change the stigma around something that has affected not only my life, but the lives of people since forever–being wrong. Mistakes, errors, and wrongness are essential parts of the human experience, yet we treat them as absolutely egregious. I, for sure, have no idea what I’m doing almost all of the time; yet, when someone corrects me or tells me I’m wrong, I get so embarrassed. Why?

As I start off on this project (but also as this blog matures) I’m going to mess things up. I’ll get facts wrong; I’ll miss important information; I’ll confuse things or not understand them properly. And I want to make it clear now: this is okay. What matters (or at least, what I’m telling myself matters) is not that I get it right 100% of the time, but that I learn from what I get wrong.

Therefore, if I get something wrong, I encourage you to reach out and let me know. You can send me a message via the Contact page or email me directly at: rexmachinablog@gmail.com

Thank you for coming to visit, and I hope you leave with more than you came in with!